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 Authentic Alexander Steen Jersey

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Sat Nov 28 2015, 10:09AM Quote
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RIO DE JANEIRO, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Following are the standings after the ninth round of the 2013 Brazilian Serie A championship completed on Sunday (tabulated under matches played Reggie Jackson Jersey , won, drawn, lost Bernie Williams Jersey , goals for, goals

against, points).

1 Cruzeiro 9 5 3 1 22 8 18

2 Internacional 10 5 3 2 18 15 18

3 Botafogo 9 5 2 2 13 8 17

4 Coritiba 9 4 5 0 12 8 17

5 Esporte Clube Bahia 10 4 4 2 10 10 16

6 Vitoria 9 4 3 2 14 9 15

7 Gremio 9 4 3 2 11 8 15

8 Vasco da Gama 9 4 1 4 14 17 13

9 Santos 9 3 3 3 12 10 12

10 Goias 9 3 3 3 8 12 12

11 Corinthians 9 2 5 2 6 5 11

12 Ponte Preta 8 3 1 4 9 10 10

13 Atletico Mineiro 8 3 1 4 8 11 10

14 Criciuma 9 3 1 5 12 17 10

15 Flamengo 9 2 4 3 9 9 10

16 Atletico Paranaense 9 2 4 3 16 17 10

17 Fluminense 9 3 0 6 12 15 9

18 Sao Paulo 11 2 3 6 11 14 9

19 Nautico 9 2 1 6 7 16 7

20 Portuguesa 9 1 4 4 10 15 7

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